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The best ways to spread the word about your passion is to bring people together and share the vision.

KILLER BEEs documentary


We teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal to host an academy screening and afterparty for his new documentary, Killer Bees.



Our friends from The 333 joined us to bring the message of work life balance through yoga to WeWork Constellation.









Katherine founded Design2Manifest to guide people in entertainment, fashion, art, music, and business in perfecting their brand and growing their presence. From DJs to doctors, her mission is to translate talent into a cohesive brand that communicates a clear message.

She combines pragmatism with creativity to guide clients through a step-by-step approach to achieving their career and branding goals.  Her mission is to help you take your idea and connect it to your target audience while bridging the gap between conscious and cool.



"Through photography we can live forever. I want viewers to feel and experience the core of beauty, a captured moment”

LA-based photographer Adina Doria has been shooting fashion, editorial, and commercial photography for over a decade but it was in was in music that she found her rhythm. 

HER punchy aesthetic is a direct reflection of her personal style, which favors an infusion of high contrast and saturation that heightens the drama of her images. Her straightforward unflinching approach is both graphic and appealing.

Throughout her career, Adina has remained committed to creating images which leave an indelible impression on its viewers. ADINA'S work has been featured in a variety publications such as Elle, Glamour, Vogue and People Magazine.


KEN | Graphic Designer

"Ken is a one of a kind creative whoSE VISION IS ON POINT.  HE IS AS KIND AS HE IS SKILLED AND IS ALWAYS A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH." - Katherine wentworth  

Logo design is arguably the most well-known aspect of graphic arts. Ken's talent as an artist and designer lays in his ability to develop an engaging personality through visual identities.  

Berlin based, he works in close tandem with the D2M team to create strong messages that speaks to audiences.

images by Adina Doria





Kat is amazing to work with. Truly.  She becomes your biggest cheerleader and to the point where I actually wondered if she believed in my project even more than I did!  She is tremendously creative, has incredible instincts, and grand visions…but she also has the energy and the know how to see those grand visions to fruition!  Trust me when I tell you that you want Kat in your corner. She has the skills, heart, and ability to take you and your brand to the next level, in a very short time. 

Kelly Gore | HEAL Director & Producer

Kat and her team at Design2Manifest are top notch! She has razor sharp instincts about branding and marketing, and is always in "Go Mode". She is hard working, ambitious and determined, and willing to do what it takes for her clients. Katherine has produced several successful events for my pop-up. D2M provided branding expertise, completely reworked my social media and has transformed my entire web presence. Kat's support is unwavering and is one of the biggest advocates I have ever had, period.

Matthew Weinberg aka MeW | Fashion Designer & Artist

Kat is lit up! She is on fire for your dreams and visions and she has the talent to bring them to life. Creative, on Point, Gifted Communicator, Light Leading bona fide hustler in all the best ways.  If you want your event or creative endeavor to fully come into focus and fruition and then go to the next level- call upon Kat. She’s the real deal. On point and on target.  It is rare to see someone with so much business savvy and creativity.  She’s your girl.  

Alice Fulks | Radiant Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, & Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Katherine is an “all in” type of person who doesn’t stop working for you until a job is done and makes you feel great about every difficult choice. She’s more than a Brander but someone who believes in the whole project. She gets involved in every way and makes you feel like you just hired a new best friend to work your image. She is fun, sweet and so supportive and her work reflects her way of being.

Dr. Michael Mollura | Composer

Katherine has been an incredible resource for me the past few years. Collaborating with her on various projects and brining my content to life with excellent music choices has been a delight. Katherine’s genuine and sincere way of doing business has been extremely refreshing and her warm personality makes working with her an absolute pleasure. Looking forward to many more projects! 

Greg Commins | Founder & CEO of Three Sages

"Design 2 Manifest..manifested! It was great to work with Katherine and her team. They took our ideas from concept to reality-effortlessly. We worked closely every step of the way so the integrity of what we originally wanted and came up with stuck in the final outcome. Definitely would recommend them."

Andrea Sutherland |Afro Acid & Wildpitch Co-Founder

"Katherine and Adina organized an incredible impromptu, yet thorough, and adventurous photoshoot for my artist presskit. They organized everything from wardrobe selection, finding the perfect LA rooftop to capture that epic shot. Most importantly I felt like the pictures truly reflected my personality. I felt very at ease and making my final selections (they were all amazing!) because every shot had excellent composition and character. The experience was extremely enjoyable, with fast execution, resulting in a final portfolio that compliments the quality of my work as an musician and a message that is on point with my brand."

BEYUN |A&R Afro Acid, DJ & Producer

"D2M gave my branding a much needed makeover. Katherine helped me revise my websites, logos, business cards, etc and curated brilliant photoshoots with celebrity photographer Adina Doria, while keeping my style which let my companies really shine.  Katherine is extremely detailed oriented, organized and delivers BEFORE deadlines.  I can finally say that my branding is on the same level as my musicianship. I will be working with the D2M team for years to come."

Brittany Cotto | Violinist & Pacific Coast StringsDirector

"Katherine arrived at the perfect time for us. She really helped us to hone in on our message, our branding, and helped translate that in a way that not only feels good, but is bringing our art and business to a larger sphere of influence. Her attention to detail, often pointing out the little things that we felt weren't important, or just "didn't have time" to address, were some of the key things that have brought our brand into alignment with our purpose and are helping us connect more with our audience!"

FEATHER and DOT |DJs & Producers

"Working with Design2Manifest has truly been a blessing. I've been fortunate enough to work directly with Katherine, as she's been able to guide me to a clear vision of my brand. She taught me that the first step in any venture, whether personal or professional, is clarity. I was approaching a turning point in my career, and her step by step process into helping me manifest my goals, has been a game changer. Thanks Katherine for all your help, and looking forward to achieving more with your help and guidance. I implicitly trust this woman with goals and dreams."

Sanjay Parekh |Musician, DJ & Producer